Creating a healthy workspace

Creating a healthy workspace

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George Favour
·Oct 4, 2020·

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Creatives love their space, sometimes de-cluttered and simple, other times robust and wild. Whatever category you belong, one thing is common; comfort.

Today I want to share a few tips on how you can recreate your space.

  1. Ambience
  2. Flexibility
  3. Healthy


This beautiful image is Todd Motto's current set up. This single image highlights everything we are about to discuss today.


Ambience brings peace and inspiration, creativity requires a lot of attention to details, if you are a designer or frontend developer, you surely know of the creativity burnout syndrome. This occurs when you have maxed the content in your head. Absolutely, this happens. Giving your room some light, different shades can bring you closer to the flow.


Your workspace should respond to you, flexible and decluttered. You want to lie down and write code, you should have the leverage to do just that. You want to stand up, cool, go for it. If you are flexible enough, you'll notice it increases your productivity because you enjoy the process.


I'm a huge advocate for healthy living, developers seem not to care so much about their body as they push one more hour to close off a task or nail a bug. Long hours on the keyboard can strain your arm muscles. Long hours sitting a place can hurt your back. Taking 2 - 5 mins walk away from your screen, exercising regularly and having side attractions are some good ways to stay strong.

Stay healthy and strong while writing beautiful code, or what do you think?

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